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Nurture Your Roots products are like no other products you have ever come across. Specially formulated by a Clinical Aromatherapist, these products were designed for therapeutic purposes. With only the most premium plant-based materials, the results speak for themselves. All products are made to order with YOUR health in mind.

Premium Natural Ingredients
GMO Free
No Animal Testing
No Preservatives
No Parabens
No Synthetics

Success Stories

My daughter had a bad wipe out on her scooter and got a big scab (greater than 1” long) on her elbow. I received the custom made ointment and applied it to the scab as often as possible. Voila, on the 1st day of her wipeout, hours after applying the blend the 1st time, it looked incredible because it was so much better... not as red and not as big. I couldn’t believe it. I had never seen anything like it before. One week later and it's gone.
-Ruth H.

I have had a skin condition for 10 years. I have used heavy ointments since that time. I was always reluctant to use them because it said not to use if expecting. What can be good about that? When I met Sophia she created a mixture for me that was meant to only soothe the outbreak. I used consistently and it has worked!! Not only did it work, but I have not had anymore outbreaks. My problems were on my elbows and knees. It is incredible!! I am so thankful!!
-Matia P.

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Did you know that Nurture Your Roots offers a wide variety of services? We offer individual wellness consultations with customized formulations, healthy home consults, healthy living Q&A subscriptions, and we even make custom event favors!

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Natural Lifestyle

Nurture Your Roots started with my journey to living a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. Read about my journey, while learning how to make small changes in your life. A happier healthier you requires only one step at a time. Take that step!

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Natural Product Line

Formulated with your health in mind, our natural products will take you on a journey of peaceful tranquility mixed with excitement. You will feel comfort with knowing the ingredients being absorbed into the body, while experiencing wholesome changes.

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