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We design both customized blends and customized products. Not all aromatherapists will make this distinction, but we do for ease of explanation. A blend is a combination of essential oils designed to evoke a specific effect such as pain relief, relaxation or grounding. This blend of essential oils is then typically added to a base made of one or more carriers (vegetable oils, butters, etc) to create an aromatic or aromatherapy product such as massage oil, cream, serum, or therapeutic balms.

Generally the aim of the design process is the final product, but clients may also request a particular blend that can be incorporated into a whole series of products. For example, one relaxing blend can be incorporated into a diffuser oil, bath oil, bath salt, and so on. Similarly, a client may want to develop a signature blend, their own scent, that is used for one or more products. No matter the final aim, we use the same design process.

Design Process

Nurture Your Roots follows a logical, systematic and client-focused approach to product design. In brief, our process is the following:

  • An introduction to aromatics, aromatherapy and possible applications given the client’s stated interests.
  • Detailed assessment of the client’s needs and preferences
  • Review of options and prioritization
  • Development of prototype blends and products.
  • Client review of blends and products and any required adjustments
  • Clarification of production specifications and schedule, and finally delivery!

This process can be executed with an individual business owner or practitioner, or with a group of spa practitioners or hotel employees. Either way, Nurture Your Roots is able to facilitate the process.

Product Development, Fees, and Time Line:

Developing a custom product takes skill, time, and money. We offer two distinct services:

Blends Only

Pricing is calculated based on your requirements including quantity and complexity of your request
  • Three rounds of samples
  • A complete custom formulation
  • Advice on how to incorporate this blend into your products
  • Final formulation amount needed
  • Making of products
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Blends & Products

Pricing is calculated based on your requirements including quantity and complexity of your request
  • Researching, formulating, and pricing a brand new custom blend
  • Three rounds of samples
  • A complete custom formulation
  • A complete pricing breakdown
  • Incorporating the blend into new products
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New Custom Formulated Blend

This is a service which includes researching and formulating a brand new custom formulation blend based on your requirements. This option only allows you to incorporate your custom blend into your own products.

Time Span: Between 4 – 12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project, current workload, and any other factors.

New Custom Formulated Products

This is an all inclusive service which includes researching, formulating, and pricing a brand new custom blend, three rounds of samples, a complete custom formulation, a complete pricing breakdown, incorporating the blend into new product.

There are additional charges for cost of materials for quantity ordered and time incurred in bottling the blend. Labeling services are not provided, unless otherwise discussed.

Time Span: Usually a minimum of 12 weeks, depending upon the complexity of the project, current workload, and any other factors.

With BOTH options:

  1. Exact custom product formulas created exclusively by Nurture Your Roots, remain the property of Nurture Your Roots, LLC.
  2. A 75% deposit is required to commence work. The remaining balance is due on completion of work.
  3. A non-refundable deposit for 50% of additional charges for cost of materials for option Blends and Products is required before additional materials are ordered from suppliers. The balance due must be paid in full before any part of your order is shipped.
  4. Custom products are non-returnable and non-refundable once completed.

Final Note

I am an experienced, independent professional artisan within my field of study. I do not outsource any of my services. My services are not comparable to larger facilities who may not possess the same experience and skills to create a custom aromatherapy product. I always strive to go above and beyond to provide you with a custom product that you will be proud to sell or use to promote your business.

Custom products, created by artisans in this field, require a lot of care, time, and energy to create, in order to make them unique from mass-produced products. Custom products created by Nurture Your Roots, LLC are unique in every sense of the word. You will not find the exact formula for any of my custom products replicated anywhere else. Also keep in mind that I only work with the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. Only pure authentic base oils and essential oils and never fragrance or synthetics.

What’s Next?

If you are interested in discussing the Nurture Your Roots Custom Development Service further, inquire below with your initial request.

Please provide us with as much detail as possible about your required product(s) so that we can establish whether we will be a suitable match. I aim to contact you within 3-5 business days of your request, subject to holiday’s.

We very much look forward to working with you!

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