Aromatherapy consultations or assessments typically includes four steps:Aromatherapy Consultation, Aromatherapy Assessment

  • Holistic health intake
  • Intake review and consultation
  • Aromatherapy product design
  • Follow up

An aromatherapy consultation begins with you filling out a detailed holistic aromatherapy intake covering your holistic health history, and reasons for seeking aromatherapy services, application preferences, and other information. This information can be provided prior to the actual consultation with me. I will meet with you to review the information; this consultation can be conducted on the phone, in-person, or Facebook Messenger. Following the consultation, I will create a unique blend and product to address your needs. Products could be in the form of massage or bath oils, balms, creams, inhalers, etc.

Blends and products are designed to take into account your needs, your preferred method of application, the therapeutic attributes of both the essential oils and carriers (vegetable oils, butters, clays, etc) and the best method of delivery for the specific product. Products are typically developed after the consultation.  Products can be picked up or mailed to you, although, alternative arrangements can be made. I will follow up with you after one week by phone or email.

The initial product (or products) is (are) not included in the price of the consultation. Prices for initial products will be assessed individually. For additional information, contact us.


When it comes to the health and safety of the products we use, it is easy to fall down the research rabbit hole, usually leaving you more confused than when you started! As always, I am here to make healthy living simpler: by using our Research and Guidance Subscription service, you’ll save time and gain quick peace of mind. Knowledge is power when it comes to making safe choices for your family.

I want to help!


Are you looking to develop a botanical product for treatment rooms or retail? How about creating a customized blend to use in hotel rooms for your guests to enjoy. This is for you! Nurture Your Roots follows a logical, systematic and client-focused approach to product design. In brief, our process is the following:

  • An introduction to aromatics, aromatherapy and possible applications given the client’s stated interests.
  • Detailed assessment of the client’s needs and preferences
  • Review of options and prioritization
  • Development of prototype blends and products.
  • Client review of blends and products and any required adjustments
  • Clarification of production specifications and schedule, and finally delivery!

This process can be executed with an individual business owner or practitioner, or with a group of spa practitioners or hotel employees. Either way, Nurture Your Roots is able to facilitate the process.


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Aromatherapy is the art and science of using naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants for medicinal use to promote holistic wellness.
  1. Aromatic products and essential oils should be applied with caution. In most cases, essential oils need to be diluted significantly and to be of low concentration (generally 1%) for children, the elderly, and those with sensitive skin and systems. Some essential oils are counter-indicated in certain conditions (e.g., during pregnancy or in individuals with low or high blood pressure). It is important to become familiar with these counter-indications before using essentials oils or products containing them.
  2. Most inhalers you just sniff or inhale normally whenever you like. You don’t need to place the inhaler itself in your noise. You can hold it just under your nostrils. There are some difference across blends so read the package contents sheet for additional information on your inhaler blends. Block one nostril and draw the scent in deeply down into your lungs three times and repeat with the other nostril. Do this several times in the morning, afternoon and evening. Do it a lot. This will be more effective.
  3. Roll Ons should be shaken before each us. Essential oils are volatile and will evaporate from the surface of the applicator reducing the intensity of the scent. Just roll the ball against your skin or a tissue to draw more roll on to the surface and refresh the scent.
  4. Carrier oil such as nut oils (almond, walnut, or similar oils) should be avoided by those with nut allergies. These carriers are used in some of our skin products because they have many excellent properties, and those without allergies benefit from their use. All ingredients are noted on our products. In most cases, we can make substitutions upon request.
  5. Nurture Your Roots uses natural products. Natural products in liquid or semi-liquid form need to be shaken or stirred prior to use, because natural ingredients tend to separate when a product is left standing and undisturbed.
  6. Note the shelf life listed in the product description section of our website.
  7. Read all labels and instructions, and use products only as recommended and in accordance with the instructions on the label and/or accompanying the product.
  8. Do not swallow or ingest, keep eyes shut while spraying or applying products near the eyes, and use only products explicitly designed for the face on the face.
  9. Do not directly spray on or apply products to fabrics, as some products can cause staining or damage.
  10. Do not use products on children and pregnant women without consulting a physician or qualified aromatherapist before using.
  11. Do not use aromatic or aromatherapy products on animals without consulting a veterinarian or qualified aromatherapist before using. Animals can react to essential oils and aromatic products very differently than humans. In fact, essential oils can be hazardous to cats.
  12. Consult a qualified aromatherapist if there is in doubt about the safe and proper use of specific essential oils, carriers or other ingredients or recommended dilution and/or application.
The effectiveness of aromatherapy depends on the quality of the ingredients used in the blend or product, which in turn depends on how the original plants were grown and harvested, how the plant material was processed (most commonly distilled or cold pressed), and how the processed essential oils and carriers were stored and handled. Each stage of the process determines the extent to which the final blend or product has the expected therapeutic qualities.

Unfortunately, just because a product is labeled as “aromatherapy” does not mean it is therapeutic or all natural; nor is a product labeled “organic” necessarily therapeutic. Ingredients come from all over the world, and there is no single standard or certifying agency to ensure their quality. For this reason, it is important to know your source of aromatic products. Nurture Your Roots handcrafts and customizes products using, to the greatest extent possible, only natural, whole, unadulterated ingredients of the best quality available.

I do not offer products or services for the purpose of diagnosis, prescription for, treatment of, or claims to prevent, mitigate or cure any disease, medical or psychological condition. The statements made on this web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or any other governmental authority, unless otherwise specifically noted. It is given for educational purposes only. Seek the advice of a qualified health care professional for your specific circumstances, neither Nurture Your Roots or any other offerer of aromatherapy or naturally created products can guarantee each individual’s potential response to use. Although my products are 100% unadulterated and cautions are provided where applicable Nurture Your Roots is not responsible for adverse reaction. I provide services and/or products with recipient’s informed consent only. Your purchase of any product or service indicates informed consent.


Refund, Returns, and Exchanges
Nurture Your Roots cannot accept returns on custom blended aromatherapy products. Sales on all custom blends are final and non-returnable because they are custom blended to specific requests.

All products are subject to shipping and handling charges.