If you suffer from constant health problems or if you are stuck on your health journey, then this is just for you. There is a way you can be happier, be healthier, enjoy life, and feel good, but best of all, have control over your wellness journey.

After obtaining a diagnosis (if one is needed) from your physician, consultations about how therapeutic aromatherapy may support your health will be done. As a Clinical Aromatherapist, we will go over your history and discuss the best method for your needs. I will create your custom blend with a variety of palettes that will account for each plant’s chemistry and chemotype (as applicable). Consultations are available for anywhere in the US and are appropriate for all ages. While aromatherapy is no substitute for medical treatment from your Doctor, it is an amazing complementary therapy that can work in unison with whatever your current treatment plan may be.

New Client Consultation $125 + Product Cost: 

Every new client begins by completing a health history form which includes questions about your specific goals for wellness and how we can safely incorporate aromatherapy into your current lifestyle. Once I’ve reviewed your information, we set up a 30-minute consultation which takes place by phone or Facebook Messenger, or another method of your choosing. After that, I will create a custom blend specific to your concerns and needs. Blends are billed separately based on the amount (2 ml-2 oz), and oils used and start at $10. This makes for cost-effective solutions, by giving the option to try smaller amounts and tweak things until they are just right before a client invests in a larger amount of a blend. The custom blend will then be safely mailed along with detailed use instructions via Priority USPS or pick up if local.

All members of your household are taken into consideration so that no inappropriate oils or methods of application are used around the wrong ages or those with medical conditions. Ideally, we will work with one blend targeting several issues, but occasionally there may be separate blends for different issues or methods of use.

Existing Client Consultation $95 + Product Cost: 

As our body is beginning to heal one issue, sometimes others arise or perhaps you’ve been great for months and something brand new needs addressing. Working with the same aromatherapist allows for continuity of care and not having to rehash your medical history or personal oil/scent preferences and outcomes.

Follow-ups include a 30-minute consultation which can again be done by phone or Facebook Messenger (your choice). We review how your last blend worked for you, any updates to medical situations and your household, and end with a new custom blend which will be mailed with instructions.

Product Reformulations $65 + Product Cost: 

This is when the method of use needs to be changed from the initial method for whatever reason. This will include a small consultation to discuss further needs.

Product Adjustments $30 + Product Cost: 

For those that like their current method of use but needs minor tweaking to the formulation. Need it slightly stronger? Too Strong? Not working quick perfectly.

Payments: Payments can be made by paypal via credit card or venmo (if requested). Consultation payments are due prior to scheduling the consultation, and custom blend payments are due prior to the shipment of the blend.

Please note: The advice given does not replace that of a professional health care provider and/or legal advice (where appropriate). Nurture Your Roots does not make claims that aromatherapy can cure any illnesses or condition.

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You can e-mail me with your initial request and I will invoice you accordingly or purchase consultation below. The health history form will be available for download once purchased. If you do not receive the intake form, please email me at info@nurtureyourroots.us.

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