When it comes to the health and safety of the products we use, it is easy to fall down the research rabbit hole, usually leaving you more confused than when you started! As always, I am here to make healthy living simpler: by using our Research and Guidance Subscription service, you’ll save time and gain quick peace of mind. Knowledge is power when it comes to making safe choices for your family and I want to help!

Here is how it works:

Ask me your most burning questions. Have a question about a particular product or chemical? Wondering if your favorite snack/lipstick/shampoo/laundry detergent is THAT bad? I will investigate thoroughly and answer within 1-15 business days depending on the depth of the question.

Once signed up email any/all questions to info@nurtureyourroots.us.

but that’s not all!

When you sign-up for a subscription service, you are also joining a community of women who are on this health journey with you and help support one another. You will gain access to a number of my resources that will guide you along the way, but most importantly, you will get access to me and pick my brain about anything that overwhelms you! Here are some ideas: how to detox your home, toxic ingredients that are still found in ‘natural’ products, how to cleanse your system, how to use essential oils properly, or are my essential oils safe?

My services helped others, and it will work for you too

Here is what it did for me…

In the last four years, researching product ingredients, understanding product labels, and reading science-based studies, has made me an informed parent. With so much contradicting data, it is hards to know the truth. Claims are made all the time based on half-truths, and this is unacceptable. When I was transitioning all my household products, it would have been nice to have proper guidance. Since living a cleaner lifestyle, I am down 55 lbs, blood work across the board is in normal range, and I just feel good. I transitioned all the products in my home for genuinely non-toxic ones that are safe for my family and I. But what’s amazing is what happened to other people…

“I finally have someone that I can go to for product questions. I have wasted so much of my life trying to figure out if a food or product ingredient is good or not, only to get more frustrated. Voila, in steps Sophia. Thanks to her knowledge, I no longer waste time performing fruitless research or worry about whether an ingredient is good / safe. Now, I just ask Sophia and rely on her expertise. Thanks to Sophia, I worry less. What a relief!”

-Ruth H., Texas

Take a new approach, and get a new result. Finally take control of your health and approach life as a wellness journey.

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  • 12 in-depth research Questions**
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**1 in-depth research question per month.